Monday, 30 May 2016


Recently I have been working on some small, cute illustrations that I intended on making into stickers but they have now become just a little bit more! The illustrations I have done (So far) are now available to buy as T-Shirts and Mugs and all kinds of prints on Redbubble. So far the collection is very small, but it will grow. 'X-Men' and 'Harry Potter' are the two main items at the moment but I plan on moving on to things like 'The Walking Dead' and popular movie characters once the 'X-Men' collection is finished.

Click here to check out the collection so far!

Below is an example of the kind of illustrations that are available.

Harry Potter Trio Illustration


  1. These look very cute. Very collectible, like to see what else you make :)

  2. Great stuff, Tom - very enterprising! :)