Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Adaptation A - VHS Test Video

I wanted to get across a kind of 'Friday The 13th' / 'Halloween' vibe. The previous test was too reminiscent of films like 'The Ring' which obviously don't fall into the slasher genre.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Adaptation B - 'Gonna Get Yer' Development


Tortoise (Protagonist): Has a fear of water due to being a tortoise

Bear (Protagonist): Slacker uninterested by Uncles adventures

Hippo (Antagonist): Legendary warrior, guard of the island

Adventurous explorer, Tortoise and his slacker nephew, Bear, venture to the mysterious (yet to be named) island. A place that nobody has every been to before but the island is shrouded in mystery, it is said that a treasure hides within it's core but is guarded by a legendary warrior.
Tortoise and Bear make their way through the treacherous overgrown land only to awaken the legendary warrior who is angered by the two explorers attempt to find the treasure. 
Will they escape the island? Or is the warrior going to get them?

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Adaptation A - VHS Test (Video To Be Uploaded Soon)

Recently I have been looking at end credits for horror movies, specifically Slashers' and I have changed the look of my infographic, after a talk with Alan on Tuesday he said that the VHS effect that I went for looked too 'Ring-like' (the movie) and didn't fit with the Slasher genre that my infographic is about. I still want to keep the VHS look but I have changed the font and colouring of my design to be less black and white to a more retro 80's style. I feel it has worked pretty well. Sound wise, I have been listening to 'Horror synth wave' to give it a more upbeat and less horrifying feel.

I am also un-sure of the amount of steps I am going to have due to the vast amount of slasher movie tropes. (For now I have put 20) But I feel I have an idea that could exploit the idea of there being so many.

Friday, 27 January 2017

World Animation - 'Spirited Away' (2001)

Fig. 1 'Spirited Away' Poster
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, 'Spirited Away' (2001) is an aesthetically wonderful, film that saw western filmmaking break into an eastern market. It's mystical characters and imaginative storyline encompass some social aspects that within live action film may be harder to put across. 

Fig.2 Film Still
Produced by Studio Ghibli in Japan, the film topped the box office and gained success as the highest-grossing film in Japanese history. It was then released to world after the film was taken under the almighty wing of Walt Disney Pictures and put under the supervision of Pixar's, John Lasseter, to re-dub the film in the english language.
There are times in the film where the voice acting becomes a bit too much, and a bit jarring which at times can make the film a bit tedious to watch.
The design of the characters are great, they are imaginative and at times bizarre which makes for enjoyable viewing.
Although at times hard to follow, the narrative of the film also holds deeper meaning and deals with social issues. It is said that greed, environmentalism and food are all issues that the film holds within it's core and they are portrayed to the audience in a way that isn't in your face but it's masked by a cute animation that helps the audience to see things in a different way, similar to Australian animation 'Mary and Max' (2009).

Fig.3 Film Still
'Spirited Away' is a great film to know about within the animation world, it holds it's own within mainstream animation and is a key inspiration for many of Studio Ghibli's other films and bringing them to a worldwide audience. It is clear that the film was created with love and it is exhibited by the visuals, a review by Roger Ebert says 'Spirited Away is surely one of the finest of all animated films, and it has its foundation in the traditional bedrock of animation, which is frame-by-frame drawing' (Ebert, 2012) the craftsmanship of the film is what makes 'Spirited Away' worth watching, it's beautiful animated and is embedded in the minds of many.


Ebert, R (2009) Spirited Away Review At: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/great-movie-spirited-away-2002 Accessed on: 27/01/2017


Figure 1. 'Spirited Away' (2001) [Poster] At:http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/sen/poster_images/USA_full.jpg Accessed on: 27/01/2017

Figure 2. [Film Still] At: https://2015.acmi.net.au/media/1924926/kf-spiritedaway-film-hero.jpg Accessed on: 27/01/2017

Figure 3. [Film Still] At:http://www.geeksofdoom.com/GoD/img/2015/06/spirited-away-still-10.jpg Accessed on: 27/01/2017

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mudbox - Lesson 2

Lesson 2 was fun, got back into making this model and bringing it to life a bit more with some Mudbox texturing. I am hoping to get some eyes done within the next lesson. Also learning how to send a file from Maya to Mudbox and back again was very helpful.

Adaptation A - Effects Test

I have recently decided to change the aesthetic of my infographic to a damaged VHS tape. I thought it would be a cool idea because of how overused the tropes in slasher movies are. So I wanted to show this visually.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Adaptation A - 'How To Survive in a Slasher Movie in 10 easy steps' - META META META

Always run

Suspect everyone

Got a car? Check the backseat, the killers always there

 Don't ask "who's there?"

Don't go to the police for help, they're useless

If you're blonde, you'll probably be first to die...It's just how these movies work

Don't be an A**hole you won't make the final act 

Avoid wild high school parties...of course you won't but you know, just do your best

Be the 'final girl' out live your friends and kill the killer

Make sure you have killed them though, those guys are invincible...
How generic
[Like this infographic]

Friday, 20 January 2017

World Animation - 'Mary and Max' (2009)

Fig.1 'Mary and Max' Poster
Created by Australian director, Adam Elliot, 'Mary and Max' (2009) is a pleasantly un-pleasant film that captures the struggles of human life perfectly, it's a film that masks it's main themes with a cute animation and a simple narrative.  
What makes this film so great is the way in which its humour is portrayed, it is a very dry and blunt type of humour. This humour runs deep within Australian cinema. 
Fig.2 Film Still
The film follows the two characters in the title, Mary and Max. Mary a young girl from Australia and Max an older gentleman from New York.
The way in which the humour is used throughout is great, it's not in your face and over the top. If something funny has been said the film doesn't take time to acknowledge that it simply glides over it as if nothing funny was said at all. There are times where the comedy is something in the background or an object it's not always joke after joke. It's the little things. It's comedy is reminiscent of that of a recent film directed by Taika Waititi 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' (2016).
'Mary and Max' hits home with it's blunt take on life, it doesn't sugar coat it, it's story is heartfelt and honest. It's evident that Adam Elliot took his time to develop a story that audiences across the globe would enjoy.
Fig.3 Film Still
Stylistically, the film has a slightly unappealing look, but it's cute. It's a claymation film which adds to it's charm as every detail of the character has been meticulously sculpted to convey their personality to the viewer. The colouring of the film adds to it's mundane aesthetic, colour is rarely seen unless it's the red of the pom-pom on Max's head or the slight sepia tone of Mary's world as opposed to Max's washed out grey apartment.
The entire aesthetic matches perfectly to the narrative making the two a well thought out combination.

In a way, 'Mary and Max' is destined to become a cult-classic within the animation world, if it's not already. It's story leads audiences down an ever winding path that challenges your emotions and leaves you feeling sad but happy, but still pretty sad, writing for The Guardian, Andrew Pulver says 'Mary is enthusing about her favourite TV show; the next, we are being treated to a lecture on the symptoms of Aspergers' (Pulver, 2010) This Juxtaposition of storytelling is what gives the film such an organic nature that captures the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.


Pulver, A (2010) 'Mary and Max: Review' At:https://www.theguardian.com/film/2010/oct/21/mary-and-max-review Accessed on: 20/01/2017


Figure 1. 'Mary and Max' (2009) [Poster] At:http://www.humshaughshop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/mary-and-max-poster.jpg Accessed on: 20/01/2017

Figure 2. [Film Still] At: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-CeQPS_UvXSw/Uc493USJVMI/AAAAAAAAAqw/YNHssPs7naQ/s1400/mary.jpg Accessed on: 20/01/2017

Figure 3. [Film Still] At: https://www.anonlineuniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/mary-and-max.png Accessed on: 20/01/2017

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Adaptation B - 'Gonna Get Yer' Development


Bear (Main Character)
Hunter (The villain)
Sidekick (The Dice)

Island (Tropical)

My current idea revolves around a fairly lonesome bear on a mysterious island. The bear would be clothed. He has got these clothes from a plane crash that happened many years previous, scavenging what he could and in the wreckage and happens to find a leaflet for tours of the island with the slogan 'Discover the Mystery' what does it mean? does the island he lives on has a a secret? Possibly treasure, hiding deep within. (The volcano) This sets the bear on an adventure deep within the jungle parts of the island, a place he is not accustom to.
The bear encounters many obstacles on the way, constantly taking various routes that lead back to the place he first started until he stumbles across a mysterious character that helps him on his journey.
The villain is the volcano, a spiritual being guarding the treasure but can transfer it's spirit into rubble/the molten rocks that are fire out of it to chase other characters bringing an element of panic to the story. An emotion that was always present when I played this game as a kid.

Mudbox Tutorial - 17/01/2017

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Adaptation A - 'How To Survive a SLASHER Movie in 10 Easy Steps'

Slowly but surely I feel that my infographic is begin to become more specific which is making the work I produce for it much easier. I have chosen to stay in the genre of horror but go for a genre within it, the slasher movie. Personally I am not a fan of all things horror, BUT slasher movies have always appealed to me, I think it is because of the stupidity and common tropes that are used within them which is what I want to exploit in my infographic. 

  • Run. If in doubt, just run.
  • Police are useless, so are your parents. Don't ask them for help
  • Suspect everyone...
  • If you are blonde, you will probably die first (sorry) 
  • Stay away from summer camps or the woods
  • Don't ask "who's there?" 
  • Don't try to kill the killer, those guys are indestructible. 
  • If you're an A**hole then you're doomed, so don't be an A**hole
  • Your cars not starting? There's probably a killer in the backseat. Get out and RUN!
  • Avoid wild teen parties, it's like christmas for killers! 
  • OR avoid going upstairs...

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Adaptation B - 'Gonna Get Yer' Idea

Having thought about Adaptation B some more I feel that I am heading towards something that is a lot more fun and kooky in comparison to something that is too complex. I wanted to get away from human characters and look at animals, anthropomorphised. 
The initial idea was to have characters come to an island seeking glory from it's mysterious land. This has progressed to animals that already live within the island all with their own personalities. They have clothes to enhance this aspect. Why? Because of a plane crash that happened on the island many years ago. The animals took the clothes and made them their own, also taking whatever else they could in the process which would be a backstory to how the island itself looks now. constructed by the animals themselves. 
The main plot of the story would be an element of panic. Th elements of the game such as the rolling of the number 6 would be incorporated within the story, as would the 'monster'. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Adaptation A - 'How To Survive in a Horror Film in 10 Easy Steps'

At the moment I am liking the idea of 'How to survive in a Horror  Movie in 10 easy steps' it could be quite comical to watch and also quite meta due to it's breaking own of horror movie tropes.

10 Steps

Always run
Never be alone
If objects begin to move in your house. Follow step 1 and run!
Don't go upstairs
Don't say you'll 'be right back' You won't. You'll die.
Be aware of your surroundings
Never ask 'Who's There?'
Stay away from graveyards
Avoid high school parties
Don't go swimming!

Im still un sure about certain steps like 'don't go swimming, and 'stay away from graveyards'.
I was also looking at music and how that could add to the infographic, specifically 1950-60's background music. I like the quirky aspect of it and how it's energy is opposite to the topic of horror.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Adaptation Part A - Animated Infographic Ideas

For part A of the Adaptation project I am now heading towards and excited about the idea of 'How to survive a B-movie monster apocalypse in 10 easy steps'. Or...'How to avoid a B-movie/Movie monsters in 10 easy steps' This idea came to mind after a comment from phil sending me to a link of a 60's educational video on radioactive fallout. 

The idea could revolve around quirky 'How To' information informing the viewer what to do if a monster from the haunted sea appears or a beast from 20,000 fathoms happens to be walking through your city. The steps could all depends on the nature of the monster, for example don't go swimming  if there are piranha's lurking beneath. Visually it would be good if it looked like it was a video made in the 60's or before. The animation would be quite crude and cheap looking but still have a flow to  transition from one point to another. Style wise I would be heading towards something very graphic like Saul Bass.
I'm also toying with the idea of 'How to survive a horror movie In 10 easy steps.

The 10 Steps

Wear comfortable shoes
Don't swim
Avoid Mysterious Islands
Don't go to Haunted House Parties 
Stay away from cemeteries
Don't be alone
Stay away from teen parties
NEVER say be right back

I'm open to suggestions for ideas on all 3 of my possible 'How to's'.

Style Design Test

Adaptation B - 'Gonna Get Yer' Character Design Idea

An Idea that I have been thinking about for a while for part B of the Adaptation project is to create  and develop a series of character designs based upon the Chad Valley board game 'Gonna Get Yer'. I remember playing this game a lot when I was younger, so being able to make this into something new and up to date within an animation context would be great.

The Rules Of The Game:

  • This is a simple roll and move game. Up to four players try to get their three pieces all the way around the board, avoiding the monster on the way.
  • The Monster travels a track around the middle of the board. He doesn't move until the first six is rolled, after which he will move every time the dice is rolls BEFORE the plater who rolled the dice moves the same number of spaces. 
  • Players can choose to travel the shorter dangerous path, or take safer longer routes, so there is a small amount of risk management involved.
  • The game makes use of a "popper" build into the centre of the board that is then pressed to roll the dice. 

A fun and tense family game for 2 to 4 players. Can you get round the board without getting eaten by the monster? One false move and the monster's gonna get yer!

My initial ideas from what I remember of the game as a kid and reading the rules again recently a making me think of the game as a place that people would go to test their skills. A sort of gameshow, like 'The Crystal Maze' or a mysterious island that entices explorers to visit and thus the island and it's inhabitants test their limits. 

The number of characters could depend on the number of players, in this case it would be 2-4. 
The 'monster' of the game would be a great addition to the characters. It already has a basic design that can be seen on the piece itself and on the box art for the game but this can definitely be changed to fit in with the story that I hope to develop.

The game board itself opens itself up to be adapted, I was thinking an island in the middle of nowhere. Skull Island-esque, a mysterious place shrouded in myths and legends. The centre of the board houses the dice, my idea for this would be to make the centre of the island a volcano, the head honcho of the land that would one day be released (when the number 6 is rolled) and the dice a kind of side kick/trickser that is set free from time to time to provoke and test the people who dare to enter the island endlessly trying to set them on a dangerous path.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation A - Online Pitch Ideas

CG Artists Toolkit and Film Review Submission (Friday 13th January)

CG Artists Toolkit (Maya Tutorials)

Film Reviews

Reflective Statement

I have rather enjoyed the film reviews and maya tutorials so far, especially the modelling of the character and the pose animation. I liked the modelling because I feel like I'm starting to understand what must be done to create a good model. The Pose animation for me was VERY enjoyable, I felt like I grasped the concept of it quite quickly, I tried not to rush in to it by adding loads of keyframes but simply added them when I felt that the pose needed them which I think helped me to create quite a dynamic and fun pose animation which I was proud of.
I feel that both of the tutorials have helped me to understand how characters work, especially within my character designs. The film reviews have also be fun to do as choosing a film I enjoy as opposed to one I don't, which helps a lot when writing as I feel more engaged with what I am talking about which makes for what I feel more interesting writing. Overall I feel like the skills I developed with writing in year one have helped me gain the confidence to be able to write about my own films easier which is the same for the tutorials, there were times in the first year tutorials where I found myself quite lost but this year I feel I have understood what needs to be done with specific elements in maya.

Monday, 9 January 2017


Link to character work

Reflective Statement

I have REALLY enjoyed this project, being able to create new characters is something I find fun and exciting to do. Justin has really helped me progress my designs during our lessons together and he has helped me understand my own drawings better than I normally would. This project has definitely urged to me to keep pursuing a career as a character designer.