Friday, 13 January 2017

Adaptation B - 'Gonna Get Yer' Character Design Idea

An Idea that I have been thinking about for a while for part B of the Adaptation project is to create  and develop a series of character designs based upon the Chad Valley board game 'Gonna Get Yer'. I remember playing this game a lot when I was younger, so being able to make this into something new and up to date within an animation context would be great.

The Rules Of The Game:

  • This is a simple roll and move game. Up to four players try to get their three pieces all the way around the board, avoiding the monster on the way.
  • The Monster travels a track around the middle of the board. He doesn't move until the first six is rolled, after which he will move every time the dice is rolls BEFORE the plater who rolled the dice moves the same number of spaces. 
  • Players can choose to travel the shorter dangerous path, or take safer longer routes, so there is a small amount of risk management involved.
  • The game makes use of a "popper" build into the centre of the board that is then pressed to roll the dice. 

A fun and tense family game for 2 to 4 players. Can you get round the board without getting eaten by the monster? One false move and the monster's gonna get yer!

My initial ideas from what I remember of the game as a kid and reading the rules again recently a making me think of the game as a place that people would go to test their skills. A sort of gameshow, like 'The Crystal Maze' or a mysterious island that entices explorers to visit and thus the island and it's inhabitants test their limits. 

The number of characters could depend on the number of players, in this case it would be 2-4. 
The 'monster' of the game would be a great addition to the characters. It already has a basic design that can be seen on the piece itself and on the box art for the game but this can definitely be changed to fit in with the story that I hope to develop.

The game board itself opens itself up to be adapted, I was thinking an island in the middle of nowhere. Skull Island-esque, a mysterious place shrouded in myths and legends. The centre of the board houses the dice, my idea for this would be to make the centre of the island a volcano, the head honcho of the land that would one day be released (when the number 6 is rolled) and the dice a kind of side kick/trickser that is set free from time to time to provoke and test the people who dare to enter the island endlessly trying to set them on a dangerous path.

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