Friday, 13 January 2017

Adaptation Part A - Animated Infographic Ideas

For part A of the Adaptation project I am now heading towards and excited about the idea of 'How to survive a B-movie monster apocalypse in 10 easy steps'. Or...'How to avoid a B-movie/Movie monsters in 10 easy steps' This idea came to mind after a comment from phil sending me to a link of a 60's educational video on radioactive fallout. 

The idea could revolve around quirky 'How To' information informing the viewer what to do if a monster from the haunted sea appears or a beast from 20,000 fathoms happens to be walking through your city. The steps could all depends on the nature of the monster, for example don't go swimming  if there are piranha's lurking beneath. Visually it would be good if it looked like it was a video made in the 60's or before. The animation would be quite crude and cheap looking but still have a flow to  transition from one point to another. Style wise I would be heading towards something very graphic like Saul Bass.
I'm also toying with the idea of 'How to survive a horror movie In 10 easy steps.

The 10 Steps

Wear comfortable shoes
Don't swim
Avoid Mysterious Islands
Don't go to Haunted House Parties 
Stay away from cemeteries
Don't be alone
Stay away from teen parties
NEVER say be right back

I'm open to suggestions for ideas on all 3 of my possible 'How to's'.

Style Design Test

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