Thursday, 19 January 2017

Adaptation B - 'Gonna Get Yer' Development


Bear (Main Character)
Hunter (The villain)
Sidekick (The Dice)

Island (Tropical)

My current idea revolves around a fairly lonesome bear on a mysterious island. The bear would be clothed. He has got these clothes from a plane crash that happened many years previous, scavenging what he could and in the wreckage and happens to find a leaflet for tours of the island with the slogan 'Discover the Mystery' what does it mean? does the island he lives on has a a secret? Possibly treasure, hiding deep within. (The volcano) This sets the bear on an adventure deep within the jungle parts of the island, a place he is not accustom to.
The bear encounters many obstacles on the way, constantly taking various routes that lead back to the place he first started until he stumbles across a mysterious character that helps him on his journey.
The villain is the volcano, a spiritual being guarding the treasure but can transfer it's spirit into rubble/the molten rocks that are fire out of it to chase other characters bringing an element of panic to the story. An emotion that was always present when I played this game as a kid.

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