Saturday, 28 January 2017

Adaptation A - VHS Test (Video To Be Uploaded Soon)

Recently I have been looking at end credits for horror movies, specifically Slashers' and I have changed the look of my infographic, after a talk with Alan on Tuesday he said that the VHS effect that I went for looked too 'Ring-like' (the movie) and didn't fit with the Slasher genre that my infographic is about. I still want to keep the VHS look but I have changed the font and colouring of my design to be less black and white to a more retro 80's style. I feel it has worked pretty well. Sound wise, I have been listening to 'Horror synth wave' to give it a more upbeat and less horrifying feel.

I am also un-sure of the amount of steps I am going to have due to the vast amount of slasher movie tropes. (For now I have put 20) But I feel I have an idea that could exploit the idea of there being so many.

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