Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Adaptation B - 'Gonna Get Yer' Idea

Having thought about Adaptation B some more I feel that I am heading towards something that is a lot more fun and kooky in comparison to something that is too complex. I wanted to get away from human characters and look at animals, anthropomorphised. 
The initial idea was to have characters come to an island seeking glory from it's mysterious land. This has progressed to animals that already live within the island all with their own personalities. They have clothes to enhance this aspect. Why? Because of a plane crash that happened on the island many years ago. The animals took the clothes and made them their own, also taking whatever else they could in the process which would be a backstory to how the island itself looks now. constructed by the animals themselves. 
The main plot of the story would be an element of panic. Th elements of the game such as the rolling of the number 6 would be incorporated within the story, as would the 'monster'. 

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