Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Adaptation A - 'How To Survive a SLASHER Movie in 10 Easy Steps'

Slowly but surely I feel that my infographic is begin to become more specific which is making the work I produce for it much easier. I have chosen to stay in the genre of horror but go for a genre within it, the slasher movie. Personally I am not a fan of all things horror, BUT slasher movies have always appealed to me, I think it is because of the stupidity and common tropes that are used within them which is what I want to exploit in my infographic. 

  • Run. If in doubt, just run.
  • Police are useless, so are your parents. Don't ask them for help
  • Suspect everyone...
  • If you are blonde, you will probably die first (sorry) 
  • Stay away from summer camps or the woods
  • Don't ask "who's there?" 
  • Don't try to kill the killer, those guys are indestructible. 
  • If you're an A**hole then you're doomed, so don't be an A**hole
  • Your cars not starting? There's probably a killer in the backseat. Get out and RUN!
  • Avoid wild teen parties, it's like christmas for killers! 
  • OR avoid going upstairs...

1 comment:

  1. I think you're going to have go a bit 'meta-meta' on this one, as the tropes of the slasher genre are increasingly well-known to people, so while it might be true to say 'If you are blonde, you will probably die first' it would be as true to say '... unless your in a postmodern slasher, wherein you might just survive to prove a point' or so on. What are you going to do to acknowledge the fact that the 'rules of the slasher film' have already been demarcated by the likes or Randy in Scream and so on? This is a crowded market, so you might need to go further... or risk making something a bit 'out-of-date already'.