Saturday, 14 January 2017

Adaptation A - 'How To Survive in a Horror Film in 10 Easy Steps'

At the moment I am liking the idea of 'How to survive in a Horror  Movie in 10 easy steps' it could be quite comical to watch and also quite meta due to it's breaking own of horror movie tropes.

10 Steps

Always run
Never be alone
If objects begin to move in your house. Follow step 1 and run!
Don't go upstairs
Don't say you'll 'be right back' You won't. You'll die.
Be aware of your surroundings
Never ask 'Who's There?'
Stay away from graveyards
Avoid high school parties
Don't go swimming!

Im still un sure about certain steps like 'don't go swimming, and 'stay away from graveyards'.
I was also looking at music and how that could add to the infographic, specifically 1950-60's background music. I like the quirky aspect of it and how it's energy is opposite to the topic of horror.

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  1. Hi Tom

    Pitch Feedback

    Ok having read you ‘pitch’ list and seen how you’ve moved on I’m in agreement with your title change. Yes, I can see this title working and yes you have a valid style / music in mind. My only reservation is ‘is this too right?’ What I mean by that is feels a little ‘paint by numbers’ and I’m not seeing too much invention in your choices. Of course you haven’t made it yet so there is room in there for you to do something different but from the outset I’m not seeing that yet. Change or invention for the sake of it is not good either so I’m not suggest you break something that is working but be open to ways where you can imprint YOUR personality on the work. I know you can make this piece and I know you will work hard to do it, however try to work smart too and litter it with meta knowledge and appeal – connect with your audience personally, don’t ‘just’ make a film.