Wednesday, 28 September 2016


The Robot and The Caveman

'A robot spy is sent back in time to speed up the generation of man'

Characters: Caveman
                   Robot Caveman (Robo-caveman)

Setting: Open landscape

A caveman walks aimlessly around his world. Burst of light and a robot caveman appears from the future un-seen by caveman and goes on to gain his attention. Caveman acts confused, who is this new guy? Why are they here? 
Robo-caveman begins to try and teach caveman to create things e.g a wheel/fire. Caveman finds this difficult and begins to frustrate robo-caveman. Robo-caveman decides enough is enough and goes back to his original time period but in doing so has dropped 'how to instructions' as the portal closes. Caveman finds this and ends up creating fire. 

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