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Fig 1. 'The Pixar Story' (2007) Poster

Directed by Leslie Iwerks, 'The Pixar Story' (2007) gives audiences a fascinating insight to the life and times of Pixar Animation Studios and the creative geniuses behind its success.

This documentary film gives you a look behind the scenes, showing never before seen footage of some of fans favourite movies, such as, 'Toy Story' (1995) and 'Monsters Inc' (2001). As well as this it begins to delve deep and show the viewer the road that people like Pixar's head honcho himself, John Lasseter gained the reputation they have within the company, from small beginnings to his current successes.

Fig 2. Film Still
This film acts like a fly on the wall, getting its knowledge first hand from Pixar directors and workers such as, John Lasseter, Pete Docter whilst also ganging interviews with co-founder Ed Catmull and notable actors who have provided their talents to particular Pixar animations, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.
The film notes other animations created by its animated rivals, Dreamworks and their widely renowned movie 'Shrek' (2001) but doesn't indulge in this but rather skims over it and pushes it under the carpet to get back on track and speak about the almighty Pixar in all it's greatness. 
They discuss the studio as an artefact of history, speaking of how they created the first 3D animated movie, the pioneers in this newly found technology. 

'The Pixar Story' (2007) is an inspirational documentation of Pixar's rise to greatness. It's is a piece of cinema that can inspire audiences, just like Lasseter was once inspired by the book 'Walt Disney's Art of Animation' which he gives credit to within the film. 
In conclusion, Leslie Iwerks has created a wonderful piece cinema that gives audiences a real look at what its like for this creative studio to create the movies we all love, it's fascinating and works like a feature length version of a DVD's bonus features. A genuine joy to watch.


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