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Fig.1. 'The Angry Birds Movie' Poster

Over the years countless films have been made that have been adapted from other sources, whether that's video games, books or TV shows. The idea to do this has resulted in the creation of well loved franchises such as 'Harry Potter'. Due to the source material that it is working from not all adaptations work out, this is due to certain events having to be left out for the sake of making a movie. 'The Angry Birds Movie' (2016) directed by Clay Katis and Feral Reilly is another example of adaptation within hollywood cinema.
Fig.2 Film Still

If you know 'Angry Birds' the game, then you will know the film. The plot is simple. Why are the birds angry?? Well because the pigs have stolen their eggs and they want them back. The story follows the character of Red, an already angry bird, who doesn't understand why the rest of the community are always so happy and is the first to realise the pigs dastardly plan to steal their eggs. The entire movie is building up to the big climax which is when the key aspects of the game are incorporated within the film (catapulting birds to attack the pigs).  Film critic, Guy Lodge, writing for says 'The Angry Birds Movie' knows it's about the candy-colored details rather than any bigger picture' (Lodge, 2016) it's true, the film knows it's not the next standout screenplay but it is a fun movie, that has been carefully crafted (visually) with an aim to please the eye. 

Fig.3 Film Still

As well as Red, there are two other main characters that work alongside him, Bomb and Chuck. Both characters exhibit the traits of their video game counterpart, Chuck (the yellow one) is fast and Bomb, well he is a bomb. It is quite obvious that this film is aimed at the younger generation, the characters are easy to read and you can guess who they are and what their purpose within the film is within the first five minutes of seeing them, but this doesn't mean that it doesn't make them fun, because fun is what this film is. It is rather enjoyable to see such mindless PG violence on the big screen involving birds and pigs.
The animation is great and the design work is ever so nice to look at, it brings a child-like and innocent aspect to and pretty violent and sometimes crude film. Yes there are some jokes in their for the adults although not always that funny, but all in all 'The Angry Birds Movie' is a great little movie that is worth a watch on a rainy day, or if you need to release some anger.


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