Monday, 20 February 2017

Critical Perspectives: Dissertation Proposal OGR

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  1. Your title is relatively clear and the initial synopsis quite tight- can you move beyond ‘look at’ to become more critically engaged with this subject- it’s a big/interesting theme with many social/cultural implications.
    Chapter 1
    If I was you I would start with the tradition of sci fi in Avant Garde film, Metropolis etc
    Literature/Key novels may be important as they signal the issues you want to discuss
    The notion of sci fi as a genre and how it functions in film/TV is relevant- what common anxieties does this genre surface in society etc?
    Moral/Ethical questions are nearly always explored as well as pioneering etc.,,technology as a metaphor for terrorism etc
    Chapter 2
    What is the anxiety archetype you discuss?- do you need to explain this better and define the notion of archetype- possibly you could have a better understanding of psychoanalysis and how it is used theorise around film
    What key theorists and foundational film theory do you need to understand to situate your argument more appropriately in contexts?- fundamental reading is missing- Pam Cook The Cinema Book, How to Read a Film by James Monaco etc Teach yourself postmodernism Glen Ward a film studies or genre studies text
    Strat to think about culminating your discussion with postmodernism’s relationship to the post human
    Classic postmodern film that handles this theme is of course Blade Runner.