Friday, 17 March 2017

Adaptation B - El Mutante De La Muerte Framework

After a chat with Alan we both feel that the framework surrounding the character should be built up. The character came from the 'daily character challenge' that I set myself a couple of weeks ago and this is will be incorporated within the project.
Taking from our chat with Alan I have decided to have the character be part of a circus, a freak show if you will. The animation would be weekly episodes in which a new character is chosen every week. This week happening to be 'El Mutante De La Muerte'. 
I plan on designing a ring leader of the show who would introduce it every week and will spin a wheel of fortune that chooses who the character of the episode will be.
In my mind I believe that this kind of show would be quite gritty and rude so it would be aimed at adults. the humour I feel would be similar to something like Robot Chicken.
I want to keep the style of the animation as close as I can to the design work, it will look 2.5D.


  1. Hi Tom - Try not to be too 'literal' around the circus / freak show idea. Eg, not an actual circus etc. Use that idea as a metaphor / guide for something more modern. For example, the current BBC tv show 'Inside Number 9' features a different story each week (horror/comedy - using the same/similar cast) and is set behind a different type of door marked number 9. This weeks story was behind a karaoke room marked number 9, previously its been a train carriage marked number 9, and so on. It can be as simple as that. It's still all a 'circus / anthology show' just of a different kind. Similar shows include...

    Dr Terrible's House of Horrible
    Tales of the Unexpected
    The Storyteller
    The Twilight Zone
    The Outer Limits

    1. Hi Alan, I see what you mean but I feel that a literal circus would work well for what I am wanting to do. Eg. The ring leader of the circus being the narrator to the stories within each episode.

  2. In that case take a look at the two films listed below...

    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) - Particularly this one
    The 7 Faces of Dr Lao (1964)

    Both are examples of the 'weird circus / theatre' comes to town and tells stories. Again try not to design a 'standard circus tent / ring master etc'. Be creative with it and have fun. After all you're making 'out there' adult humour.