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World Animation // 'The Secret Of Kells' (2009)

Fig.1 'The Secret of Kells' Poster
Directed by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey 'The Secret of Kells' (2009) is an animated which is rooted with Irish themes. The movie follows the adventure of Brendan, the protagonist throughout the film. The film is based on 'The Book of Kells' a gospel book in latin which contains the four gospels of the new testament.
Fig.2 Film Still
From the opening sequence of the film the audience is greeted with vibrant, and mystical animations, the backgrounds are full of detailed set pieces layered upon one another to create a world that is so vast yet in a way so small. 
The character design is wonderful, each character stands out and they all have their own personalities which are enhanced by there shapes, sizes and colours. 
The film feels like a graphic novel come to life. Each shot is crafted so well that you want to pause the film to admire what is on screen. The overall style is reminiscent of Nina Paley's 'Sita Sings The Blues' (2008) which works as if each part of the scene is on the same plane whilst also giving various amounts of depth.

Fig.3 Film Still
In conclusion, 'The Secret of Kells' is a well animated movie that cherishes its Celtic/Irish heritage from start to finish. It welcomes people to a world they have never seen or heard of before, telling stories of their heritage.
The animation is natural and full of life, green being the colour that flows throughout the story.
Overall the film is great fun to watch, for the design work alone, it's definitely a film that the whole family could watch.


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