Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Baucis studies/in-depth look


  1. Lovely couple of pages, it's nice to see your thought process through the annotations!

  2. agreed - these pages are a total delight! Another thing to think about: in terms of cities, there are often hierarchies of buildings - i.e. special buildings (the seat of power, the repositories of culture and art, the place of justice, the place of worship etc); these buildings tend to look different to the 'minor' or 'domestic' buildings that also make up the city - special buildings = a city's major organs - the other buildings = the veins and arteries of the city... I'd like to see you giving some further thought to this idea, and likewise about 'power supply/energy origination', transport and agriculture (where does the food come from?!). Thinking very practically and logically about your city will inspire further invention and idiosyncrasy... Looking forward to your next page of 'thinking out loud' :)