Sunday, 20 September 2015

Invisible Cities Thumbnails 11-20

Thumbnails 11-20


  1. I think it would be really helpful if you could also post the exerts, so the viewer can understand why you drew these thumbnails this or that way : )

    I like the idea behind number 18. I feel as if its asking to be zoomed in a bit though, but to still maintain the feeling of being a snow globe.

  2. For the thumbnails I didn't want to add the exert to every thumbnail I do, I felt like it would bombard the post with text. Without it, I felt that it let my mind run free and gives me something to work upon. I'm definitely going to add the exerts when I begin to delve deeper within the city to pull out all the details, if that makes sense?? Thanks for the advice though, I really appreciate it.
    Even responding to your comment is giving me ideas and talking about my plans for the rest of the work is really helping. Thank you, Samantha :D

  3. I like #15 (I also liked #6) it's like the globe is looking wistfully at the actual city. I also like #19, but I agree with Sam about #18...maybe try drawing a room filled with the globes?

  4. I'm liking 19, I want to see more of that crazy city. Also love how you are laying out your thumbnails, keep them coming :)