Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 05/11/2015

    Evening Tom,

    Your travelogue is intelligent, born innately from your artist - and beautifully wistful; you've captured a sense of melancholy about this city that is forever doomed to get 'less special' as each new season passes, and the idea of the 'recluse' - alone, yet compelled to revisit and remake and relaunch. I think you've captured the oddity that is fashion nicely.

    But I have to be completely honest; I think there is a big disconnect between the forms you've created and the forms I think Galliano would think to be graceful, beautiful and chic. I think these are your impressions of the female form, but they don't yet equate comfortably with the precision, rhythm and grace we might expect Galliano to treasure. For me, some of the figures in your thumbnails are even a little bit monstrous - more like fashion models hindered by thalidomide than objectifications of your creator's most intimate muse... It's clear you don't want a city characterised by huge, whopping statues of women, and it's clear stylisation and 'essentialisation' are the right modes be which to achieve this idea, but I don't think your style here is delivering what you need it to deliver. In terms of fashion illustration, the female body is always attenuated, with very long legs - it's where the elegance and poise comes from:

    A related question would be simply what's the difference between what you're proposing here and a sculpture park? How do we know this is a city? How are we to know these are 'architecture' as opposed to simply Henry Moore sculptures writ large?

    Ultimately, I think you need to ask yourself this: would Galliano think this city was beautiful; would he recognise it as being about 'his' women, about 'his' vision of essentialised beauty and purity of form? Would he recognise this city as 'his'? Discuss!