Sunday, 1 November 2015


As you arrive at Aglomeración, the first thing you see is a long raised walkway that is laid out before you. Steps either side allow you to divert from its path down to the collection of buildings surrounding it either side. Each collection of buildings represents one of the four seasons. Some buildings look newer than others, as if they have gone out of fashion compared to the rest of the city that surrounds them.

The collections of buildings are built with smaller buildings scattered around them, accessorising and complimenting the exterior of its main attraction. 
When you are in Aglomeración you are part of a show, small spotlights spread evenly shine across every footstep you take down its never-ending pathway. There’s a feeling of constant restoration and keeping up with the outside worlds trends within this reclusive, yet imaginative city. As the seasons change, a collection of houses fade into the darkness, as the spotlight that resonates across the front of the building loses sight of what was once the latest trend.
There are no roads in Aglomeración, no cars, only the walkway that takes you directly where you need to go. You can only walk one way within the city, if you can’t get to where you need to go the first time round, you must travel down what feels like an endless run way and go back on yourself and start your journey again. The walk ways are in pristine condition, somebody must clean them every night when the citizens are tucked away in their beds. But who?
As you begin to venture down the walkway you are greeted by an angular building, vibrant colours of orange and pink are forced upon you. At the side of the building a porch protrudes, it seems to have small slits cut upon its spherical shape. The spotlight shines through this, causing augmented shadows that give the building more of a design. Hints of a maroon coloured tint glisten across the edged of the building. It almost looks 2D. A silver band squeezes the middle of the building, the shape resembles an hourglass, but not of a curvaceous aesthetic. The harsh edges contort through the band, distorting its shape, creating a very cubist structure. Surrounding this figure, a small group of buildings compliment their main attraction, complimenting its colours and shape with smooth curved and bumps that sit upon each other. There is also a small cube, pastel pink, that sits to the right of the structure. Small cubes cut out of it, again projecting eccentric shadows upon its main building.
In the distance you can see three silhouetted figures side by side, from afar they look as if they are one, voluptuous and free-standing above a platform. The closer you get, the more the perspective changes, three slim, provocative structures are laid out in front of you, constrained by straps that wrap around the bodies of each figure. Draped in a lavish, transparent brown fabric, the structures look as if they are laying upon one another. They amalgamate soft textures with the lavish colours of a generic forest, the greens correspond with the browns, yet a hint of yellow can be seen as the spotlights caress the figures of each structure. 
As you make your way further down the city, a great sense of warmth can be felt. Dark reds and greens grace the buildings. A bulky, yet delicate structure surrounded by smaller, less significant, light brown buildings. They have the look of small, three-dimensional fields that give the main building a greater sense of scale and purpose compared to the  other collections. The main building itself is layered in an disorderly fashion, as if pieces of fabric have been dropped upon one another and frozen in time. A prominent shoulder piece bulges out from either side.  The bottom half of the building has a jagged cordoned-off section through its gut, showing its interior. Through a tinted, craggy window pane you can see nothing but a hollow room. A basic yet luxuriously curvy sofa sits diagonally towards the walkway, making the inhabitant a spectator to the city in which they live.
The final collection; a set of buildings close to the heart of the creator. His favourite of them all. Elegant and timid, this set of buildings holds its own within the rest of the beautiful metropolis. Its figure and frame are clearly seen through a transparent exterior that falls across the front and back of the structure, it’s sides exposed to the light that pierces through its thin body. 
A hint of teal is seen throughout the transparent material that keeps under wraps the delicate framework underneath. Tall and thin this structure is connected to its surrounding buildings via thin, clear rope like material. This connection gives the collection a greater sense of being, metaphorically hand in hand with its surroundings. The framework is metal, yet with the colours of its exterior materials and the spot lights shining upon it, a pearlescent look is projected across its bones, it looks like something out of this world, a small galaxy painted so delicately upon the figure of this building.
The creator’s headquarters. The tower, a gleaming, white, apartment-like tower resembling the body of a female model, whose long majestic legs  stand tall above the surround city. A spot lights shine upon its long and curvaceous figure, the hierarchy building of Aglomeración. The all-seeing eye. A place that all inhabitants see day in, day out as they journey up and down the walkway. A recluse to his own world, the creator only has one window, its resembles a bunker from WWI. Not a single citizen has seen inside the building without authority, but rumour has it, as he looks down from his observant, yet narrow windows he can see things he doesn’t like, aspects that he wants to change. Thee creator of this fantastical metropolis already has next seasons collection of buildings in production. A chance for him to reinvent this already masterpiece of a world.

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