Sunday, 6 March 2016



  1. I think this guy looks a bit evil still - or rather 'no better' than your bacteria guy. Can you make him more friendly? Personally, the big pointy 'beak' and 'eye of sauron' may not be helping you connote what you need him to connote? Discuss! :)

    1. I've given him this kind of look because I didn't feel that his aesthetic should be appealing either, I get that the bacteria is the 'enemy' but I felt that the inside of the body isn't a pleasant looking place, so what lives within it should be beautifully hideous. If that makes sense? Like Tim Burton characters, not all of them are too pleasing to look at, but there is something about them that an audience likes. Maybe it's the eyes??? I feel like the eyes could be bigger/rounder? Maybe even this body should have a roundness to it as well. :)

  2. I think colour could be very powerful for this project. This guy seems sinister not just because of the eye, but the black and red. Maybe in contrast to the bacteria they could be white? I definitely think exploring more rounded shapes might help.

    I'm getting a Spy vs Spy vibe from the project's aesthetic so far. Problem is, both spies were jerks and their designs sold this.